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Hello, my name is Chris Jurtovski, former Division 1 Soccer Scholarship player in the United States. I was never the fastest or strongest player on the field but I was always a top player for all the teams I’ve played on. The reason for this was because of the high level technical ability with the soccer ball that I had worked hard to achieve.

I have been coaching soccer for many years and the reason I got into coaching was to help players of all ages and skill levels reach their goals as I did. I am always thinking about soccer and how I can continue to help players achieve their dreams. The feedback I receive from parents and players about the soccer drills, soccer skills, and soccer tricks in this program are phenomenal and very motivating for me to continue helping.

That is the reason I have designed and developed this soccer training program. I have noticed that when a player improves their technical soccer skills with the ball then they gain confidence and begin to grow in other areas of soccer and life.

Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions you may have, as I would love to help.

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