How To Dribble Like Neymar

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If you've been watching great soccer players hoping to get tips for improving your own play, one thing you may want to learn is how to dribble like Neymar. The Brazilian player is currently one of the best dribblers in soccer, and in order to dribble like he does, you have to develop great ball control. Neymar describes himself as constantly dribbling the ball around things when he was a kid, so you should also practice as often as possible.

One thing Neymar is known for is his sharp cuts and turns, so if you want to know how to dribble like Neymar, you should work on your agility. There are a few important aspects to mastering these types of moves. You need to be flexible enough that you can speed up, slow down and change direction without injuring yourself or losing control of the ball. You also have to avoid telegraphing what you are doing to the defense.

You may want to learn how to dribble like Neymar because of his ability to take the ball past multiple defenders. Working on tricks that you can use during the game is one way to develop that ability. Like many of his fellow Brazilian soccer players, Neymar's style emphasizes flair and having fun. Learning how to dribble like Neymar means practicing moves and tricks like the elastico and the stepover. These moves don't just look impressive. They are ways of keeping defenders guessing about your intentions and direction and can prevent opponents from tackling.