How To Juggle A Soccer Ball

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Learning how to juggle a soccer ball is not just about working on freestyle tricks. Juggling can improve your touch on the ball and your ball control. You can juggle with different parts of your body, but the feet and the knees are the most common.

When you are practicing how to juggle a football, you can start with the ball in your hands, on your foot or on the ground. You need to bend your knees slightly. Locking your ankle ensures that your juggling is strong and steady. You can either juggle with one foot or you can alternate feet. Even though you will tend to have one stronger foot that you favor for play, alternating feet can be a good way to build your ball control and balance. As you work on how to juggle a soccer ball, you can also practice stalls in which you trap the ball in the crook of your foot and hold it.

Once you are able to juggle with your feet you can practice doing so with your thighs. This is also a good way to build strength. Be sure to drop the ball onto your thigh and not your knee or it is likely to go out of control. When you are able to control the ball on your thighs, you can try switching between your feet and your thighs. As you become more skilled in how to juggle a soccer ball, you can even add variations such as juggling off your chest or shoulder.