How To Kick A Soccer Ball

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How to kick a soccer ball is one of the first things you must learn as a new soccer player. Here are the steps in how to kick a football. Remember that your plant foot is the one that stays on the ground. The other one is the kicking foot.

1. First, you want to bring your kicking leg back to generate more power, so before you make contact with the ball, take a large step forward with your plant foot.

2. This should put your plant foot parallel to the ball and facing the target at a distance that is not too close or far from the ball.

3. Keep the ball down by keeping your chest over the ball.

4. Keep your eyes on the ball so that you connect properly.

5. Raise your arm opposite your kicking foot. As you are about to make contact with the ball, drive the arm down across your body.

6. Turn your foot out slightly to avoid stubbing your toes and strike the center of the ball with your laces.

7. Keep your toe pointed down during follow-through.

8. Follow through with your leg held high.

9. To generate more power, drive your body well past the point where you made contact with the ball.

10. Land on the foot that you used to kick the ball.

How to kick a soccer ball is about both skill and practice. As you practice, these steps will be done in one fluid motion, and how to kick a soccer ball will come naturally to you.