Nutmeg Soccer

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The nutmeg is a versatile move in soccer that you can use to keep the ball away from your opponent. One of the best things about the nutmeg is that it also works against the other player's confidence because a nutmeg sends the ball right between their legs. If you can perform a nutmeg correctly, it will not only ensure that your team retains possession but it can also rattle the opposition. You have probably seen players like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and especially Luis Suarez use nutmeg football against the other team.

There are several parts to nutmeg soccer, and the first part is getting the player to open their legs so that you can get the ball through them. You may need to trick the player by doing a move that tricks them into opening their legs, but it may be best to wait for an opportunity. For example, it can be easier to nutmeg an overeager defender who is diving in for the ball. They may be expecting you to pass it off with a regular shot or cross.

You can use nutmeg soccer to pass to another player, you can retrieve the ball yourself or you can use the nutmeg as a shot on the goal. The important thing about nutmeg soccer is that you need to do the move correctly because doing it wrong can lead to a counter attack. If you practice the nutmeg often, you will be better prepared to pull this move off during a game.