Soccer Volley

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A soccer volley is a difficult but impressive and useful move in which a player kicks a ball while it is already in the air. There are several reason a soccer volley might be a good move. A player might receive the ball from a corner kick or cross and attempt to score a goal with a volley. A volley can also be used as a defensive move to quickly clear the ball. One of the advantages of the volley is that it saves the valuable seconds that a player would spending trapping the ball. This means that opponents have less time to react. A volley may also be used in a pass.

There are variations on the volley depending on where the player's foot strikes the ball and the ball's direction. Usually, the ball is struck with the laces and goes forward. An inside-the-foot volley is one in which the player kicks with that part of the foot, and in a side volley, the player kicks to the side.

Being correctly positioned is critical for a successful football volley. The plant foot should be facing the target while the body swivels. A player should lean forward and point the toe downward in order to connect with the laces. It is best to lock the ankles and aim for the ball's center. On the follow through and finish of a soccer volley, the player's body should be facing the target. This technique takes a lot of practice, but it is a valuable skill.