Soccer Workouts At Home

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There are plenty of soccer workouts at home that you can do in between formal practice times and during the offseason. One kind of soccer workout involves strength training and other types of conditioning that target some of the specific muscles and parts of your body that you use most in soccer. The other is drills and workouts you can do with the ball that build skills such as dribbling and passing.

Both types of football workouts at home will increase your speed, agility, strength, endurance and flexibility and reduce the likelihood of injury. Exercises that strengthen the core and the lower body such as planks, lunges and squats can all be done at home without any special equipment. Soccer workouts at home that can be performed with the ball include dribbling drills and juggling with the ball off the thighs and chest. You can also reproduce agility drills that you may have done during soccer practice with cones. Even if no cones are available, almost any object that you can practice dribbling and weaving around can be used.

In addition to building strength and increasing ball control skills, a great soccer player needs to be able to produce quick bursts of energy for sprinting and shooting. Soccer workouts at home can include what are known as plyometrics. These are exercises that emphasize actions like bounding and jumping so that you can produce explosive bursts of energy when needed. These types of exercise also emphasize landing safety to prevent knee and ankle injuries.