Soccer Workouts

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There are a lot of soccer workouts that you can do with the ball. One advantage of these types of workouts is that you can build fitness while doing things that mimic some of the moves that you make during a soccer game. Other football workouts using the ball are drills that improve your ball control skills and may also increase your balance, strength and dexterity. As players master drills, they can speed them up for greater fitness and accuracy.

For example, for beginners, toe taps are one way to start working on dribbling with the bottom of the foot, and if done quickly, they can also build strength and aerobic fitness. Other types of soccer drills such as dribbling between cones can also be done at a higher rate of speed than usual to increase dexterity and endurance. Players should alternate using different parts of the foot to dribble. In a variation on this, players can work within a tight area to dribble the ball with as many feints and turns as they can manage. For this type of workout, they need to avoid going in circles and keep their movements random.

Soccer workouts that involve juggling the ball are another excellent way to increase fitness while getting some practice with the ball. Juggling improves balance, agility, touch and leg and core strength.

Many soccer workouts can be done at home even with limited space, so players can practice every day even when they are not with their team.