First Touch Soccer Drills

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A good first touch is an important component of the strong passing and receiving that leads to goals. The first touch on the ball is a crucial moment. If a player fumbles it, the ball can be stolen and an opportunity is lost. A poor first touch on receiving can destroy all the good work of a solid pass from a teammate. A good first touch keeps the game moving and allows the opposition no time to mount a defense. It can also help in controlling the ball within a small space when surrounded by defenders. First touch soccer drills teach players this control.

Soccer superstars of the past and present like David Beckham and Andres Iniesta are known for their terrific passing skills. However, even with a natural talent for passing and receiving, this skill must be developed, and first touch soccer drills are the key. Football soccer drills that teach first touch also build confidence. Players learn to receive the ball fluidly with a good first touch, and when they find themselves under pressure in a game, they can call on those skills knowing they have had plenty of practice.

First touch soccer drills will train a player in only needing that first touch to bring the ball into play and direct it. As is the case with many football soccer drills, players get the repetition they need to develop muscle memory. Teaching the muscles to respond automatically when receiving passes means players can shift their focus to assessing the best strategy.