Football Fitness Drills

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Being fit enough to perform at a high level from the start of a soccer game to its finish can make the difference in winning and losing, and football fitness drills are one key to maintaining that fitness. Players who lack fitness may start a game strong and be unable to hold onto that early lead. Soccer fitness drills will help keep players in shape so that their last touch on the ball is as good as their first.

Few sports requires as high a level of cardiovascular fitness as soccer does. Football fitness drills can build the endurance needed to spend most of a match running with the ability to break into a sprint when needed.

A strong foundation of fitness becomes increasingly important the older a player gets. A player who is struggling with basic fitness on the soccer field will not be in a position to make the best decisions on the fly or to use the technical skills practiced.

Football fitness drills will also help prevent injuries. In addition to running and sprints, soccer fitness drills focus on those same actions while maintaining ball control in both attacking and defending situations. The agility to run at top speed with the ball or to steal the ball from another player in a fast-paced game is important, and players who are in better condition are less likely to hurt themselves or another player.

Finally, football fitness drills can also be used to maintain a base level of conditioning during the off season.