Give And Go Soccer Drills

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Less commonly known as the wall pass, the give and go pass is a foundational passing technique in soccer and can be practiced and developed with give and go soccer drills. These drills are appropriate for players of most ages and skill levels although complete beginners will need to first establish a few basic skills first such as dribbling and passing and receiving to best benefit from them.

The give and go pass involves a player dribbling a ball and drawing a defender. The player with the ball is moving up the field toward that defender while a teammate approaches at a right angle. Just as the defender moves in on the attacker, the attacker passes the ball to the teammate. Calling it a "wall pass" arose from street soccer where the teammate was generally a wall that the attacker would bounce the ball off of.

Give and go football drills can be made easier or more complex depending on the level of the players. For example, for beginning players, a cone can act as the defender as the passer and receiver simply focus on passing the ball at an appropriate distance from the defender. Give and go soccer drills at higher levels can involve an increasingly aggressive defender.

Players must keep a number of factors in mind while practicing give and go football drills including judging the defender's distance. The defender must be allowed to come close enough to engage but not so close that the ball is stolen before the player can pass it off to a teammate.