Individual Soccer Drills

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Many football drills involve players working in pairs or larger groups, but individual soccer drills can also be helpful for players during formal practice and outside of practice. Players who want to keep their skills fresh and build new skills during the off season can do individual football drills to maintain those skills.

Individual soccer drills can also be an important way for players to build confidence. While many players thrive in a competitive atmosphere, individual football drills can give players an opportunity to learn at their own pace or focus on skills they may be having a particularly difficult time mastering.

Players who have access to a soccer field for their individual soccer drills can practice moving the ball up and down the field and shooting from midfield. Working individually on moves such as shooting using different parts of the foot and from different areas of the field will build a player's familiarity with both the ball and the field itself.

Players can build power and control by kicking the ball off a wall. Players can also practice receiving in this way. Depending on the length of the wall, players may be able to practice running alongside it, dribbling and passing the ball to the wall and then receiving it back again several times. Other skills that can be developed during individual football drills include quick turns and abrupt changes in pace.

While drills with other players are essential, individual soccer drills provide a low-pressure opportunity for players to focus on and develop favorite moves and work on problem areas.