Soccer Agility Drills

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Soccer agility drills are all about improving skills like coordination, balance and control. Soccer is not just about being able to run long distances up and down the field. More frequently, it requires stops, starts and abrupt changes in direction. This is where soccer agility drills come in.

Players who lack agility will be less flexible and less able to perform the necessary moves, but they are also more likely to injure themselves. Lacking the coordination that football agility drills teach, players may fall over the ball, their own feet or other players or strain a muscle when making an abrupt change of direction. Football agility drills can help prevent these types of injuries.

Soccer agility drills teach a number of skills including the ability to quickly switch directions while running, weaving and avoiding obstacles. Agility is the skill that will help an attacker avoid an aggressive defender and that will allow a defender to mark a player closely enough to steal a ball or prevent a goal or pass.

Unlike some other types of drills, football agility drills can be performed frequently because they are not physically exhausting. However, they are demanding in that they require a high level of focus.

That focus trains the muscles to memorize the moves that will eventually become second nature for a dedicated player although that doesn't mean that there comes a time when a player can give up football agility drills. Agility drills may become more complex over time, but players at every level can benefit from them.