Soccer Ball Control Drills

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Ball control is an essential skill for soccer players. Soccer ball control drills are appropriate for players at the beginning to the top levels because ball control comes into play in every aspect of soccer. Younger and beginning players can begin with simple drills that teach control as they are moving the ball around the field and dribbling past defenders.

As players advance, football ball control drills can become more complex as well. In more advanced drills, players can practice skills such as retaining control of the ball when dealing with multiple defenders, dribbling and ball control while moving at high speeds. and ball control during quick turns and feints. Players at all levels should also practice ball control when passing and receiving.

It is important for players to remember that these ball control moves will often need to be performed under significant pressure during a game. Therefore, it's important to practice football ball control drills often until the moves feel routine.

Players can practice soccer ball control drills like juggling and dribbling on their own, but they should also be sure to get plenty of practice with other players and with their team. A team needs to build the communication and rapport that will allow them to control the ball between players and keep possession from the other team.

Players can also get good practice in regaining ball control with these drills. Playing in small groups of six or fewer, players can use soccer ball control drills to vie for possession as both defenders and attackers.