Soccer Dribbling Drills

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Dribbling is one of the most basic of soccer skills, but it can also be raised to an art form. From legends like Maradona and Pele to modern-day superstars like Arjen Robben and Leo Messi, all great dribblers have the talent for fast and fancy footwork but also a solid foundation that only football dribbling drills can provide. Whether a player is just learning to control a ball, has moved on to more complex moves and feints like step overs, or is a world-class player, soccer dribbling drills can build, develop and maintain this necessary skill.

In its most basic form, dribbling is simply the act of moving with the ball. Players who are just starting out can do football dribbling drills that teach them skills like first touch, using the inside and outside of the foot to control the ball, and how to turn and move while controlling the ball. As players progress, they can increase their speed and technique and work on dribbling while other players attempt to steal the ball. Advanced players can practice techniques inspired by top players.

Dribbling also involves developing visual and cognitive skills such as the ability to manage the ball while also keeping an eye on the field of play ahead and knowing when to draw defenders and when to pass. Soccer dribbling drills can be done by individuals with just a ball, can be performed with cones as obstacles, or can be done in pairs or larger groups. Players who excel in dribbling will become invaluable to their teams.