Soccer Footwork Drills

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Soccer players have to be good on their feet, and that means building agility, speed and ball control. Soccer footwork drills are designed to develop all of these qualities. Among other skills, they can teach players how to move through defenders, how to quickly change direction without losing control of the ball and how to turn a great first touch into a sprint down the field and a goal.

Football footwork drills also have a number of advantages over some other types of drills. Many of them can be done with just one person and a ball, and generally they are short enough that a person with a ball and just a little bit of space can do bursts of soccer footwork drills throughout the day if they like. Drills can be done for longer periods of time to create endurance.

Of course, it is the repetition of drills that builds muscle memory and skill, so as is the case with all types of drills, players will need to repeat these over and over. However, it is also possible to combine and mix up football footwork drills in a way that makes them more interesting than many other types of drills. In fact, switching rapidly between different types of fast soccer footwork drills may more effectively the conditions of a game.

They key in doing these drills quickly and mixing them up is to begin slowly. Players should make sure their form is correct before adding speed and complicating the move.