Soccer Passing Drills

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Some of the world's best soccer players have in part made their name for being great at passing. These include Xavi Hernandez, Steven Gerrard and Alex Morgan. A great passer can become a playmaker and the most influential player in a game. Soccer passing drills can help develop a player's passing skills, and with great passing, a team can maintain possession of the ball and score more goals.

Football passing drills for younger players can begin with short passes along the ground. Older players can begin working on longer passes and passes in the air.

As players grow more skilled, passing drills can become increasingly sophisticated. Good soccer passing drills can also develop a number of related skills along the way such as first touch and dribbling as well as softer but no less important skills including vision and communication. Football passing drills can also teach strategies such as changing the point of attack. Passing drills may also be folded into other drills to teach follow-through.

These are among the best types of drills for developing teamwork and communication. Regular work on soccer passing drills can improve players' judgment as well as their abilities to assess whether a short or long pass is appropriate. They can also develop players' awareness of when they need to pass the ball and who they need to pass the ball to. Errors of this type are seen at the highest levels of football, and regular work on football passing drills can train players to make these decisions more effectively.