Solo Soccer Drills

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When people think of soccer drills, they often think of working with a teammate or a small group, but there are a number of solo soccer drills that can improve a player's skills. These solo football drills can be done by an individual with a ball or they might use a wall, cones or other physical objects to act as obstacles or substitute for other players.

Solo soccer drills allow players to practice at any time and in any place. Perhaps one of the first types of solo soccer drills that comes to mind is the wall kick. Players can practice kicking a ball off a wall using different parts of the foot and alternating feet. Wall kicks can also offer practice in receiving.

Using cones, players doing solo soccer drills can practice dribbling round opponents. A makeshift goal can allow a player to practice shooting. Although there will be no goalkeeper to block the goal, players can practice aiming for different parts of the goal, curving the ball in a certain way and sending balls low or high. With just a ball, players can practice juggling with the feet, thigh and head.

Most players are competitive and respond well even in drills to friendly competition with others. To recreate this sense of competition in solo football drills, players can time themselves. How long does it take them to move the ball a certain distance? For how long can they juggle? Players can also track their improvement to provide a sense of progress.