Basic Soccer Moves

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Before you can begin to perform basic soccer moves, you'll need to have some practice in rudimentary skills like dribbling and passing. Once you have become more comfortable with these maneuvers, you can start to learn some basic football moves.

The key to these soccer moves is being able to do them quickly and accurately. You should also avoid telegraphing your intentions to defenders. In fact, many football moves focus on misleading defenders, and even beginners can begin practicing these types of moves.

For example, a move like the step over might look like the player is just showing off, but it is actually a great way to elude defenders. When you start learning one of the basic moves like the step over, you may not look like Cristiano Ronaldo with your first few tries. In fact, you'll need to practice even the easiest basic soccer moves dozens or hundreds of time before you can execute them effectively. It is important to not become discouraged. No one walks onto the soccer field with the ability to do these moves on their first day. Even the most talented soccer players have to practice in order to do these moves so well during a game.

Other types of basic soccer moves you can work on include the single scissor, in which you circle the ball with one foot and then move it with the opposite foot, and the zig zag that gives the ball two quick touches to keep it away from the opponent.