Cool Soccer Moves

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Both new and experienced soccer players have probably seen some cool soccer moves in professional games and want to learn some of those moves. Players don't have to wait until they are at a high level to try out cool football moves. Even beginners can start to practice some simple soccer moves, and in doing so, they will increase their dexterity with the ball.

One of the cool soccer moves is the elastico or flip flap. Brazilian national Ronaldinho is one of the players who popularized this move, but it was invented decades ago. The elastico is a feint in which the player uses the outside of the foot to push the ball in one direction and then uses the inside of the foot to whip the ball back. Accompanied by a sudden burst of speed, this one can leave defenders far behind.

Another cool move is the Maradona spin. Named for the great Argentine player, this is a move that has been used by many of the top soccer players. In this move, the player stops and drags the ball back with the bottom of the foot while putting an arm up to shield the ball and making a turn that is almost or entirely 360 degrees. The player then escapes. This is a particularly good move for players who have good balance.

Cool soccer moves look great during a game and can intimidate opponents. By practicing them daily, players can build the skills needed to deploy them like soccer superstars do.