Cruyff Turn

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The Dutch soccer player Johan Cruyff is one of the greatest footballers of all time. In the early 1970s, he won the Ballon d'Or three times and helped the Netherlands national team win the World Cup. Many football moves are attributed to more than one player or have no particular point of origin, but the Cruyff Turn is different. During that 1974 World Cup tournament, in a game against Sweden, Cruyff debuted the move that has become a famous and popular soccer move in many leagues and countries today.

Even though Cruyff was a top player, the turn named for him is one that many players can master. It is a great move for shaking off an opponent and turning in another direction with the ball.

In the Cruyff Turn, the player in possession of the ball appears ready to pass the ball. However, at the last minute, the player instead uses the inside foot to drag the ball behind the standing leg. The player then executes a 180 degree turn and takes off with the ball in another direction.

Players should begin by breaking down the Cruyff Turn into steps and practicing those steps slowly. Then, the player can work on doing the move more quickly and practicing with defenders. Introducing the Cruyff Turn in game play is more difficult, but this should be the ultimate aim for players. As they master this move, players need to be careful not to telegraph their planned shift in direction with their body language.