Easy Soccer Moves

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It's not necessary to be an expert player to do moves with flair. There are easy soccer moves that players can start learning from the beginning of their career. It's good to choose moves that challenge players slightly according to their skill level but that they are able to master with some hard work.

Before learning even these easy football moves, players should have a certain comfort level with the ball and be able to dribble and pass. Just as advanced soccer skills build on these basic skills, more complex moves can be created from basic soccer moves such as the step over, the scissor and the cut. They all require a lot of practice before they can be successfully incorporated into game play, but that practice will build ball control and agility. However, before attempting these easy soccer moves at top speed during the course of a game, players must spend time perfecting them in practice. The moves must be accurate before they can be fast.

All three of these easy soccer moves can also be great ways to keep a ball from the defender. The step over and scissor are similar, and some people say they are the same thing, but others distinguish between the two because the part of the foot used is different. In the step over, the player moves the foot outside to inside on the ball while in the scissor is it the opposite. What these moves are called is less important than doing them accurately.