Football Moves

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Once players have mastered the basics of soccer rules and skills like dribbling and passing, there are almost endless numbers of football moves to learn. The simplest moves are sometimes the most effective, so even beginning players can get a start on learning moves like the zig zag. In this move, the player needs a good touch on the ball in order to send it one way and then the other to trick a defender about the direction the ball will be played in. Over time, players can improve these simple moves by becoming more skilled with their feints and with their speed.

Whatever the level of the move, players should work first on accuracy and then on speed. It is necessary to do most of these moves quickly because soccer is a fast-moving game, and a slow feint is unlikely to have the same effect on a defender. Also, many of the best soccer moves involve accelerating away quickly once the player has made an unexpected turn.

As they advance, there are many more difficult football moves players can add to their repertoire as well. The key to all of these moves is practice. Just as players need to be able to dribble without thinking about it, in order to effectively use these football moves in the high-pressure environment of a game, players need to be able to size up the situation and perform the move automatically. Whether it is a simple step over or a more complicated elastico, the moves that become second nature will lead to success on the soccer field.