Messi Moves

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The Argentine national and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi is one of the best soccer players of all time, and there are a lot of great moves associated with him. Messi is fast and agile and is known not just for scoring a lot of goals but for his skills in getting around defenders to make those goals. Learning some Messi moves is a great way for players to accelerate their soccer skills.

Messi moves involve a lot of improvisation and catching opponents off guard by moving in a direction they do not expect. Lift, step and go is one of his classic moves. In this move, Messi lifts his foot to indicate he is about to travel in one direction. He then takes a step before going in the opposite direction with the ball. One significant aspect of this move is that it involves faking out the defender twice. The first time is with the lift and the second time is with the step.

A player who wants to imitate Messi moves should also work on pace. Messi is renowned for eluding defenders and shaking up a game by altering his pace suddenly. For example, he might be moving slowly and then burst into a sprint with the ball.

Messi is a great example of a player who more than compensates for his small stature with great technical skills, and executing great Messi moves means being fast and accurate. Players can learn a great deal from watching him and trying to imitate some of those moves.