Ronaldo Chop

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The Ronaldo Chop is named after the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, and like all great soccer players, he makes a move like this look easy. However, even Ronaldo, one of the world's greatest football players, had to work to master this move at some stage. Whether players are involved with friendly neighborhood games or playing at a high competitive level, the Ronaldo Chop is a great soccer move that can change the course of a game.

This move is a way of changing direction with the ball while making any approaching defender think the player is continuing in the same direction. The best way to learn soccer moves is by breaking it down into steps, and the Ronaldo Chop is no exception. To do this move, a player first needs to use the toe to drag the ball in front. Next, the player should tap the ball behind the leg.

At this point, the player has two choices. One is to accelerate rapidly in the new direction along with the ball. The other is to play the ball as a pass. To start with, players may want to practice staying with the ball until they have mastered that aspect of the Ronaldo Chop. Then, players can work on using this move to pass the ball as well. Another key to this move is that when the player taps the ball and turns, the defender is then blocked from the ball by the player's body, and this makes it even more difficult to retrieve.