Ronaldo Moves

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Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for the Portuguese national team and for Real Madrid in Spain, is known as a player with style and flair. There are a number of moves that are associated with him. These Ronaldo moves can be a great way to mix up a soccer player's skill set. One of the reasons Ronaldo is such a dangerous player is because of his speed. When working on these Ronaldo moves, players should first work on accuracy and then try to do the moves quickly.

One move that Cristiano Ronaldo uses a lot is the step over. Interestingly, this move became popular when a different Ronaldo, the Brazilian superstar, used it a lot in the 1990s. Today, Cristiano Ronaldo is known for being one of the best at it. Although the step over looks impressive, this is one of the more basic moves, so players who are beginners can work on it once they have some practice in dribbling.

The Ronaldo Chop is another of the popular Ronaldo moves. It can be used for passing the ball to another player or for making a quick turn and keeping possession. It is a deceptive move because the player appears to be moving in one direction but flicks the ball to the side behind the standing leg.

Other Ronaldo moves include turns such as the Cruyff turn and the Okocha turn and moves like the nutmeg in which the ball is played through a player's legs. By watching how Ronaldo executes these moves and practicing them, players can improve their own skills.