Soccer Skill Moves

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Whatever a player's level of experience may be, there are always new soccer skills moves to learn. Many of these moves involve dribbling the ball while avoiding defenders by using feints. These moves also combine other skills such as shielding the ball with various body parts and using body language to mislead an opponent about the direction the player is going in. There are also moves that involve taking fake shots to trick goalkeepers and other opponents.

Some soccer skills moves are named for the player who invented or popularized them such as the Cruyff Turn. Since some moves are popular among a few well-known players, they might have different names attached to them. For example, the Maradona Spin, named for the Argentine player Diego Maradona, is also called the Zidane Spin after the French player Zinedine Zidane. Other moves named for famous players include the Rivaldo and the Rivelino.

There are a lot of advantages to practicing soccer skills moves. Mastering some of these moves can build motivation for players who feel they are in a rut. Many of the moves can be practiced by players when they are on their own. These moves also build skills ranging from balance and dexterity to vision and communication.

Players should keep in mind that they can even make up their own football skill moves. After all, that is where all of these moves began. Players who invent their own moves can give them a name and can even name them after themselves if they want.