Basic Soccer Skills

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Young soccer players and beginning players of any age will need to learn a few fundamental skills. Basic soccer skills can be learned through drills.

These basic football skills include running with the ball, passing and receiving, and shooting. All of these involve the foundational skill of ball control. Players may begin with drills that involve dribbling in place and juggling the ball back and forth between their feet.

Learning to run with the ball involves controlling the ball with and without opponents. Developing dribbling skills will teach beginners how to maneuver the ball past defensive players and retain possession.

Once a player is able to control the ball in this fashion, it's time to move on to passing and receiving. As is the case with running, basic soccer skills in passing and receiving begin with simple exchanges between two players and can then be complicated with the presence of defenders.

Even though players will tend to be dominant with one foot or the other, as they are developing basic soccer skills, they should practice shooting with both feet. Shooting also involves learning to look for vulnerable spaces and avoiding signalling one's intentions to the goalkeeper or other defenders.

Goalkeeping is another of the basic football skills, and although it is not one that most players will use often, all younger players in particular should have an opportunity to practice defending the goal.

Basic soccer skills are key to enjoying the game and to the more sophisticated strategies that will come later.