Crazy Football Skills

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One of the fun aspects of learning to play soccer is all the crazy football skills that can be acquired along the way. International soccer players are famous for some of their skillful, unusual and eccentric moves. While most players will have little need to master moves like Colombian Rene Higuita's scorpion kick in which a player flings their body forward and kicks their feet back to return the ball with their heels, there are plenty of other crazy soccer skills that can dazzle others and help win a game.

One audacious move is the panna or nutmeg in which a player kicks a ball through an opposing player's legs. In the roulette, the player turns in a circle to avoid another player while maintaining possession of the ball. The sombrero kick is an impressive-looking two-touch move that involves flicking the ball over one's own head.

Most crazy football skills require a player's comfort with using all sides of the foot to control the ball. For example, in the panna, the player must learn to roll their foot over the ball before snapping it between the other player's legs while the roulette involves the top, sides and bottom of the foot.

Players should also keep in mind that as much fun as crazy football skills can be to learn and do, they should always be performed in the service of the game. These moves may look impressive, but they must be practiced thoroughly so players understand when they are best used from a strategic standpoint.