Cristiano Ronaldo Skills

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Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portugese national team player and a Real Madrid superstar. He has great ball control skills, and he frequently uses moves like the step over while dribbling. Some people use the words step over and scissor move interchangeably, but the scissor move, sometimes known as the reverse step over, is actually somewhat different. Both are signature Cristiano Ronaldo skills and involve using the inside and outside of the foot. Both moves look impressive, and while they can be challenging, they are also not too difficult, and they can be fun for players to learn.

Another of the popular Cristiano Ronaldo skills is the chop move, and like the step over and scissor, it looks impressive too. The chop can be a great way to get a ball past defenders. Even though almost all players have one foot that is dominant, it is necessary to be able to play the ball with both feet, and this is the case with the chop depending on which direction the player wants to go in. A player moving to the right will need to use the inside left foot, and a player moving to the left will need to use the inside right foot. This taps the ball just out of the defender's reach and allows the player to continue up the field. Other Cristiano Ronaldo skills include expertise at the panna and the Cruyff Turn.

Learning Cristiano Ronaldo skills means learning from one of the best players in the world, and players who want to improve their attacking play can benefit from practicing these moves.