Easy Football Skills

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Learning easy soccer skills is a great way for beginners to gain confidence and start having fun controlling the ball and moving it around. Learning skills early means even complete beginners can start seeing progress right away.

To make the easy football skills learned as useful as possible, the skills should be grounded in the soccer fundamentals. This includes dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting and ball control in general. Players can start out doing easy football skills on their own or with other players, move toward performing those same skills with cones or other objects standing in for opponents, and then work with other players as opponents. While it is good for players to be challenged, trying to dribble and shoot past opponents before establishing a basic comfort with maneuvering the ball is likely to only be frustrating.

That means beginning players should spend a lot time working with the ball and learning how and when to move it around with different parts of the foot. The top, bottom, inside and outside can all be used at different times depending on what the player is trying to do. A player with a firm grounding in easy football skills like basic dribbling will be ready to work up to slightly more complex skills such as turning with the ball using the inside or outside of the foot depending on direction. The dexterity that building skills early provides will also give players the agility to prevent injuries to themselves and to other players.