Football Skills For Kids

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Soccer skills for kids should be fun to learn as well as age- and level-appropriate. Younger kids and less experienced players will need to build a solid base of skills first, and doing so will make playing more enjoyable for them. Younger children need skill-building drills that do not go too long and remain interesting. Initially, inexperienced players need to focus on becoming more comfortable with handling the ball with both feet.

However, young players should not be underestimated, and once the basics are mastered, there are plenty of more complex football skills for kids to learn. It is important to strike a balance between skills that are not so difficult that kids become discouraged and making sure that kids are consistently challenged. It can be fun for kids to practice skills perfected by superstars like Messi and Neymar. The focus in building football skills for kids based on the moves of great players should be on having fun and expanding their sense of what it is possible to do rather than complete accuracy. These types of moves can be returned to and practiced again and again as their skill level builds.

Soccer skills for kids should begin with basics such as learning to have a good first touch, passing and receiving. However, even as kids are learning the basics, it can be fun to mix in practice of showy moves like the step over as long as they are not too difficult. This gives kids something impressive to show off even at the early stages of beginning to play soccer.