Football Skills List

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If you decide to make a football skills list, what you put on it will differ according to what level you are at and what you are interested in learning how to do. It will also change based on what position you play most often. However, all lists of this type will have a few things in common. All players must learn to build on the basics such as controlling the ball and passing and receiving.

Then there are position-specific moves that would go on a soccer skills list. For example, a defender might want to work on defending in the box and marking other players. Midfielders might want to work on crosses and moves that create space while forwards may want to work on receiving and shooting. Goalkeepers may want techniques such as diving for the ball and practice in defending against penalty kicks on their football skills list.

One element that is the same for players at all levels and in all positions is the importance of working with the ball and becoming comfortable with the ball. As a player becomes increasingly comfortable with maneuvering the ball with all parts of the foot, their skills will increase.

A football skills list might also include moves created or made famous by great players of the past and present like Maradona, Messi and Neymar. Players might also work with their coaches to identify specific weaknesses and add to the list as things to work on. As new skills are mastered, players can keep revising their lists.