Fundamental Skills Of Football

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Learning the fundamental skills of soccer is essential for new players, and practicing these skills can happen from the first day a player steps onto a soccer field. Players can build on a firm grounding in these skills to more sophisticated techniques, but even the most complex soccer move is based in these fundamentals.

The fundamental skills of football are controlling the ball, passing the ball, running with the ball and shooting the ball. Tackling is another important skill because players need to learn how to regain possession of the ball without fouling or injuring the other player. Control of the ball is the crux of all of these skills, so it is the first and most important skill for players to practice.

Learning ball control involves becoming comfortable with the ball and using every part of the foot to control the ball, run with the ball and shoot. Players should practice with both feet even though they will tend to have a strong foot and a weak foot. Beginners may simply start working with the ball while standing still, and juggling can be a good way to build the dexterity that is key in all of these fundamental skills of football. As they advance, players can begin moving the ball up and down the field and practicing with opponents as well as with more complex moves such as turning with the ball.

Mastering the fundamental skills of football allows new players to devote themselves more thoroughly to the mental aspects of soccer and to enjoy themselves more as they begin to play games.