How To Do Soccer Skills

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Players who are just starting out in soccer may wonder how to do soccer skills. There are several components to building soccer skills, but one of the most important is building a sense of familiarity with handling the ball.

Of course, in soccer, handling is all about maneuvering the ball using the feet and occasionally other parts of the body. When considering how to do football skills, beginning players should think about the foot as having four zones that can be used to control and move the ball. The top, bottom, inside and outside of the foot can all be used in a different way to move the ball. Although most likely they will eventually favor one foot over the other, players should be sure to practice using both feet and all four sides of the foot. There is no way to know when a game might be decided by a player's ability to use a non-dominant foot to score a goal.

Players who make a point of trying to handle the ball a little bit every day will also be on a faster track to increasing their comfort with the ball. An important part of learning how to do football skills is beginning to think of the ball as an extension of the body. Juggling and dribbling are both types of drills that can be done for a few minutes every day, and they both increase a player's familiarity with the ball. Players can also learn how to do soccer skills by practicing shots off a wall.