Neymar Skills To Learn

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One of best and most exciting soccer players in the world right now is the Brazilian forward Neymar. Whether he's playing for his country's team or for FC Barcelona, Neymar's dazzling footwork and soccer skills have taken him to the top ranks, and players who want to follow in his footsteps might be interested in some Neymar skills to learn.

Neymar makes the most complex moves look easy, so players shouldn't be too discouraged if they can't master all of his skills. Before a player can begin on Neymar skills to learn, it's necessary to get a good feel for the ball and how to manipulate it with all parts of the foot. Players should also be able to use both feet but have a sense of which foot is their stronger one. Finally, they will need to learn some moves like step overs because they will be required in more complex maneuvers like the hocus pocus.

Neymar has been compared to his fellow countrymen and soccer greats Pele and Ronaldinho, so when working on Neymar skills to learn, some of those will be similar to ones practiced by other players. In addition to impressive flicks and back kicks, Neymar is skilled at combining plays such as the akka, in which the ball is played with the inside and outside of the foot, with the panna, kicking the ball through the opponent's legs. These are only a few of the Neymar skills to learn that players can practice in order to learn from one of the best players in the world.