Neymar Skills

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Neymar is known for his exceptional play as a forward on the Brazilian national team and for FC Barcelona. His creativity and versatility mean that he is able to move in and out of positions, and players hoping to learn some Neymar skills might harness some of that same versatility.

The Neymar flick is one of his more well-known skills. It involves flicking the ball up and into the air past defenders and then regaining possession. It is actually quite an adaptable move that Neymar can be seen to perform in a number of variations that may involve using both feet or only one foot on the ball. For example, the player might drag the ball with the top of one foot and then flick the ball with that foot or with the other foot. Like many Neymar skills, this one also involves anticipating the actions of the defender and choosing the right moment to make the move.

Among other things, Neymar is a great dribbler. Neymar is also skilled at drawing defenders and then misleading them, and dribbling with Neymar skills means learning to incorporate moves like the step over and the chop.

Still a young player, Neymar has his own version of many techniques practiced by Brazilian players before him including Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Learning Neymar skills is not just about imitating the way that Neymar plays but also incorporating his speed, versatility and play-making ability. Using Neymar as a model, players can work on developing their own signature moves based on their strongest points.