Ronaldinho Skills

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Brazilian football great Ronaldinho has dazzled the world for years as one of his country's star players as well as during his years in Europe with FC Barcelona and AC Milan. Ronaldinho is known for playing with what seems like an absolute joy and ease, but behind that ease is a mastery of technique combined with creativity. Players can learn some of those Ronaldinho skills to impress during tryouts and excel during games.

The flip flap or elastico is one of Ronaldinho's best-known moves. He didn't invent it, but it could be said that he perfected it. It is critical that the elastico be performed quickly, so before learning how to do it, players must have good ball control and be comfortable using different parts of the foot with the ball. The elastico is a technique for moving the ball past defenders by rolling it along the outside and then the inside of the foot to fake out the defender and keep possession of the ball. This is one of the most popular Ronaldinho skills.

Another move Ronaldinho excels at is the sombrero kick. This is a dazzling and complex move that involves flicking the ball over the defender's head and then regaining possession. It is one of the more complex Ronaldinho skills, but practicing it can build a player's comfort with ball control. Depending on the situation, players might use different parts of the foot or body to flick the ball. Mastering the sombrero is tough but worthwhile, and it is one of the best of the Ronaldinho skills.