Skills In Football

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Unlike many other sports, soccer can accommodate a variety of body types. The height of successful players may vary a great deal, and although all athlete performing at an elite level need a certain amount of physical strength, all of these physical qualities are second to technical skills in soccer. Through practice and drilling, players can develop skills in football that complement their physical makeup. Agility, speed, coordination and vision are all more important qualities for a successful soccer player than any arbitrary height or bench-pressing ability.

As a sport in which a much smaller player may best a larger one through technical ability, soccer rewards qualities such as creative play and defensive discipline. Drills to develop skills in football are what is needed for a talented player to excel.

Skills in soccer developed through these drills include basic ones such as dribbling, shooting and passing as well as more advanced skills, many of which are named after the player who pioneered them such as the Matthews move and the Cruyff or Maradona turn. Some of these advanced skills are intangible and include the ability to see several plays ahead, to identify open spaces and vulnerabilities, and to anticipate the moves of both teammates and opponents. However, the advantage of using drills to develop skills in football is that mastering these techniques also teaches these softer but no less important skills. Furthermore, players who master technical skills and perform complex moves automatically can turn their focus to strategizing about the game that is unfolding before them.