Soccer Dribbling Skills

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Most soccer players are also great dribblers. Soccer dribbling skills are among the most basic that soccer players learn, but they can also be among the most advanced. In its simplest form, dribbling is simply moving the ball up and down the field, but for top players, dribbling may involve sophisticated ball control techniques and the ability to keep the ball away from multiple defenders.

This means that soccer dribbling skills are relevant from almost the first day a player ever steps onto a soccer field to the last. In the early days of developing football dribbling skills, players should focus on becoming more confident with the ball and using all the parts of the foot to control it. Players should think of their foot as having four zones that include the top, bottom, inside and outside. Each part of the foot can be used in a different way to control the ball. In general, the top of the foot is used to move the ball forward. The outside and inside parts of the foot are used to cut right or left depending on which foot the player is using. For example, to cut left using the right foot, a player would use the outside. Players will also find that the bottom of the foot is versatile enough to control the ball in a number of ways.

Understanding how the foot works with the ball to control it, move it and change direction is an essential aspect of football dribbling skills, and as players practice their confidence and ability will grow.