Cool Soccer Tricks

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One of the fun parts about improving your soccer skills is that once you have a good grounding in fundamentals, you can start to learn cool soccer tricks. These tricks are fun to do, but they also make you a better player. Some basic tricks like foot stalls, which involves trapping the ball in the crook made when you bend your foot up, or kneel stalls, in which you trap the ball between your knees, are simple enough for beginners to try. Other cool football tricks like the around-the-world and the reverse around-the-world involve more complex footwork but can be fun to master. Mid-air tricks like the crossover tap, which you do by swinging a leg over the ball and catching it again on the opposite foot, may take a lot of practice but look great when you are doing them right. Most cool soccer tricks can be practiced on your own.

Cool soccer tricks are so much fun that it can be tempting to spend all your time working on them. You need to be sure to balance practicing tricks with other types of soccer practice. The disadvantage of tricks is that even for superstar players, they are not always that useful during a game. The advantages are that they can be motivating and they can really increase your technical ability. As long as you keep your practice in proportion with other aspects of soccer skill-building, keep working on those cool tricks to impress your teammates and opponents and build your dexterity.