Easy Football Tricks

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Beginning players might think they need to wait until they have more skills to start doing some of the tricks they’ve seen freestylers or their favorite top players do, but there are easy soccer tricks that even absolute beginners can learn. For example, the rabona is a cool, fun trick in which the player crosses the kicking leg behind the other to kick the ball. Another great thing about the rabona is that it can be useful during a game. Like a lot of tricks, it can mislead a defender. However, knowing how to do a rabona can also help a player out in getting a better shot depending on their position and which foot is dominant. Another of the easy football tricks is the fake rabona in which a player approaches the ball and acts as though they are going to kick it but passes over it.

Stalls are easy football tricks that increase balance. In a foot stall, a player points their toe up and balances the ball in the crook while in a head stall, a player balances the ball on their head.

Even easy football tricks are great for building agility and comfort with the ball. Beginning players shouldn’t get discouraged if they have trouble mastering these tricks at first. Just because they are easy doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take some practice to get them right, but by regularly working on new tricks, players will improve their skills and learn some cool moves to impress their friends.