Football Dribbling Tricks

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One great way to build your agility with the ball is by doing some soccer dribbling tricks. In addition to being good for increasing your dexterity, some football dribbling tricks can help you mislead an opponent about which direction you are going in with the ball.

In order to do most of these dribbling tricks, you need to start with a good foundation in ball control, movement and dribbling. Then you can move on to practicing some of the incredible footwork that you've seen from freestylers and the world's top soccer stars.

The Rivaldo triangle is one dribbling trick that you can learn. It has this name because you move the ball in a triangular shape. Other great football dribbling tricks include the step over and the reverse step over. In the spin, you practice suddenly reversing your direction 90 degrees. You can combine dribbling tricks to learn how to move even more smoothly with the ball such as mixing a reverse step over with a turn.

Once you have the hang of these football dribbling tricks on your own, try practicing with someone acting as a defender. Doing these gets more challenging when you have to make sure that you are protecting the ball from your opponent as well as doing the trick right, but this kind of practice will help you take a cool freestyling trick and make it something practical that you can use during a game. It will also teach you to control the ball more effectively.