Football Tricks For Beginners

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Players who have watched top freestylers or the world's best soccer players do soccer tricks may think that they need to be advanced in order to learn any tricks themselves, but there are plenty of football tricks for beginners.

Stalls are among the easiest soccer tricks for beginners. A stall is balancing the ball on some part of the body, and players can do stalls on the crook of the foot as they bend the toe up toward the sky, on the thigh, on the back between the shoulder blades and on the head.

Another set of football tricks for beginners consists of various ways to pick up the ball. For example, players can practice scooping up the ball with the toe, getting it into action by passing the bottom of the foot in a circular motion over the top of the ball or holding the ball between the feet and getting it in motion by drawing it up one leg with the opposite foot.

Players can practice juggling and dribbling tricks as well once they have a firm grounding in dribbling on its own. Players can also string football tricks for beginners together such as using a trick that picks up the ball, then going into a stall and then juggling the ball. All of these can be fun ways to increase dexterity. A trick like a stall may not be something a player will use in the middle of a game, but the balance gained in practicing a stall will strengthen that game play.