Messi Tricks

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Many people consider Argentine national and FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi the best soccer player in the world right now and one of the best players of all time. Like most players, Messi doesn't always unleash the many tricks he's capable of during a match, but you can still catch some Messi tricks while watching him play. While a lot of tricks are for mostly for show and not always useful during a game, great players can also incorporate them into their play and use them to dodge opponents and control the ball.

Players who want to learn some Messi tricks can start with a trick like the lift, step and go. Many tricks can be practiced by a player with a ball, but practicing the lift, step and go with a defender means that you can work on its more practical application, and that is keeping the ball away from the defender. The lift, step and go can mislead the defender about the direction you are going to take the ball in.

Another of the common Messi tricks is the fake shot. This is an easy one to practice. The player approaches a ball as if to kick it and then moves it instead. This can unnerve opponents, and practicing it can make the feint more convincing.

Messi is a fast, agile player, and practicing Messi tricks can make players faster and more agile as well. Working on soccer tricks can also help keep motivation high because tricks are fun to learn and fun to show off to others.