Neymar Tricks

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For players who are past the beginning level, it can be fun to start learning some soccer tricks such as those practiced by Brazilian national team player and FC Barcelona forward Neymar. With a background in street soccer and futsal, Neymar has developed a creative style of play, and Neymar tricks can look impressive and build skills as well.

Neymar is one of the best dribblers in soccer, and he can do some great juggling tricks such as kick-ups and crossover flicks that involve kicking the ball into action to begin juggling. Other Neymar tricks include the around-the-world in which one foot kicks the ball into the air and the other swings over it to catch it on the opposite foot.

One aspect of performing tricks like Neymar involves mastering a lot of these juggling techniques and stringing them together through feel and instinct rather than according to a set plan. Neymar has a great feel for the ball, and doing Neymar tricks like he does can help build a similar level of comfort and improvisation.

Even though Neymar can sometimes be seen deploying some of these tricks to dazzle fans and frustrate opponents during games, for less advanced players, actual games might not always offer the opportunity to use freestyle Neymar tricks. During games, the focus must be on winning the ball and keeping possession, but these tricks can keep drills fun and increase agility, dexterity and flexibility. They also build confidence, and mental preparation is as important as physical preparation for excelling in soccer.