Soccer Tricks List

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Whatever level you are in your soccer training, you can make a soccer tricks list of all the tricks you would like to become proficient at. You can do this even if you aren’t yet at a high enough level to perform all the tricks that you want to do. For most players, this is most likely the case. You can divide a soccer tricks list up into beginning, intermediate and advanced tricks. This list is a great opportunity to think about the steps involved in each trick and what kind of skills you will need to acquire before you can begin to work on the trick.

For example, a beginner might start with stalls, tricks in which they pick up the ball and some simpler dribbling tricks. Intermediate and advanced players can start to work on more difficult soccer tricks like the around-the-world.

Another way you could organize a football tricks list is by which tricks are just for fun and show and which ones are practical during a game. Many of the items on your soccer tricks list, such as head stalls and juggling tricks, are not very useful in a game even though you may become more skilled with the ball from practicing them. However, some tricks, such as dribbling tricks, can be good ways to keep the ball away from defenders. Players who are skilled at these types of tricks can use the feints those tricks involve to fool defenders. Practicing those tricks with other players who act as defenders can develop those skills.